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How to Start a Pet Care Business

by Stephanie James, dog walker and freelance writer

In recent years, pet care has become a booming business in the US and other parts of the world as well. The industry has different categories. These categories include pet grooming, doggy daycare, obedience training, kennel/boarding services, dog walking, among other pet-related services. Though this is a lucrative business, becoming a pet care pro is a task that needs patience, faith, and sacrifice, among other essential traits. There is more to being a pet care professional than just playing with the pets and taking them for a walk. Pet care is always physically demanding and often times challenging work.

Despite the business being so hands on and time demanding, it is also one of the most rewarding businesses, especially if you’re an animal lover. Below are some of the crucial steps that you should follow when you want to start your own pet care business.

Know what you want to specialize in.

This should be the first thing you should put into consideration as it affects the rest of the requirements in your pet care business. There is a difference in structure and certification of operating multi-animal pet care, pet boarding, and in being a dog walker. Once you have decided on which category you want to specialize in, you can now start working on your business plan.

Have a Business Plan

On this step, you need to consider some essentials such as the size of your business, name of your business, the number of employees you will need if you plan to hire employees and how to you will market your business to pet owners and other interested parties.

You should also consider the available resources at your exposure. Another crucial aspect of planning is the consideration of who can be your mentor in your business

Take a look at the requirements for pet care businesses in your state and local government. This will help you to be able to stick to the laws and regulations that protect the pet care business.

Location for your Business.

After planning, you need to find a place where you will set up your business. Are you offering overnight boarding services out of your home, or do you need to lease a place? You should do some research and even tour similar businesses in the area so that you may know what the basic needs in starting your business are.

It is advisable to check about zoning regulations and all the relevant permitting and the use of restrictions with the city hall after you have found space for your business.

Outline your Business Policies.

Having policies for your business is very essentials. Business policies help in the smooth running of your business. This is because it helps in outlining the rules of conduct, the responsibilities of the employees, the employer, and the customers as well.

Business policies will also protect the interest of your business the employees and to protect the rights of your workers and clients.

Start operating.

After you have acquired all the necessary documents from the related institutions, you should start to market your pet business, and your skills. Social media is one of the best and cheapest means that you can use in advertising the business.

When your business is operational, make sure that you have done enough advertisement. Use the available advertising platform such as a website for your business, community marketplaces, among other sites.

Get the Proper Supplies.

Make sure you have all the necessary supplies required for your niche. If you’re a dog walker, don’t show up empty handed and without a proper leash, doggy bags, water, etc., or cleaning supplies in case the dog can’t wait for you to walk it and has an accident in its owner’s house. If your service is dog boarding, make sure you have the proper proper food, and dog beds or blankets for each size/type of dog.

People care for their pets like they are their children, so owners will be relying on you and your services to provide the best care. If you love animals, like to make your own schedule, and have a hands-on and active job, this might just be for you!

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Stephanie James is a dog-walker by day and freelance writer by night, who covers a variety of topics, including holistic health for both pets and owners.