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Pet Training – Creating Good Habits

pet training - create good habits

by Patricia Varian, owner of Varian Kennels Have you ever tried to quit a bad habit? Easy? No! The longer you’ve been doing that unwanted behavior the more triggers there are that set it off. It seems impossible to ever be truly free from that old nasty routine.  But, alas, triggers can be broken, and …

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Prepare your Pup for a New Baby

by Katie McKnight, co-owner of International School For Certified Dog Trainers Imagine you settle into bed after a long day and drift to sleep. Moments later, a loud shriek awakens you. You bolt from bed and investigate the ghastly sound.  In the corner of the room, something thrashes beneath a blanket. Frozen in place, you’re left …

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The Most Basic Strategy for Dog Happiness


by Tammie Rogers, owner of DarnFar Ranch and author of “10 Most Common Mistakes Dog Owners Make: And How to Resolve Them!” My brain was struggling to catch up with my body as I raced from my office. When I got to the kitchen, I acknowledged that I was running toward the sound of a …

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Pet Professions You Didn’t Know Existed: Pet Law

In the third article in our summer series of extraordinary pet professions, we’re going to explore “pet law”– and why it’s important to remember your animals when going over your legal docs.  *DISCLAIMER*: This article is NOT meant to serve as legal advice and should be used for informational purposes only. Please consult an attorney …

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Stay Vigilant – Protect your Pet from Summer Pests!

by Cyndie Anderson Summer means hotter temps, longer days and of course BUGS! Yes, lots of ’em. Even as summer draws to a close, it’s crucial that you protect your pets from pesky seasonal pests (try saying that five times fast!). There are several different kinds to be concerned with but luckily – various ways …