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Helping Paws

We all need a furry friend to help make our days brighter. Some people rely on trained service animals to make life more accessible.

What is a Service Dog?

By definition, service dogs are trained working animals that specialize in helping a person with disabilities.

Trained service dogs help with a variety of tasks.  For example, service dogs can alert owners of ringing phones, beeping oven timers, and even a crying child. 

Do service dogs fall under the Americans with Disabilities Act?

Yes! The ADA §35.104 defines Service Dogs as “any guide dog, signal dog, or other animal who is trained to provide assistance to an individual with a disability.”

How does a dog train to be a service animal?

Service dogs undergo extensive training for many basic obedience commands and any necessary behavior changes to pass a  Public Access Certification Test (PACT). After training, a dog becomes an ADA Certified Service Dog.

Are there any “fake” service dog training companies out there?

Unfortunately, yes. No national certification exists for service dogs in this country. Above all, it’s important to do your research for safe training places. 

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