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Every Dog Poops

…But does every owner clean it up? Cleaning up your dog’s poop each and every time is extremely important for the environment. Kari Kalway, owner of Puddles Barkery, shares exactly why more people should be aware of it and how they can learn more about local policies and ordinances to help keep their environment clean.

Why is it important to clean up your dog’s poop?

While there are times that you just might miss your pup’s intimate pooping moments, it is best to watch where they decide to go. Not only are you doing your part to keep our parks and sidewalks clean, but you are also helping the environment. Pet waste is NOT a fertilizer. It can even contain diseases like E.coli or roundworms that can  spread to both pets and humans.

What happens to pet poop that is left on the ground? 

First of all, it doesn’t stay there. When it rains in the cities, the waste gets transported to the nearest storm drain and then out into our waterways. The water quality in our local streams and lakes can be contaminated by the organisms living in pet waste. This is especially true for urban areas. 

Does forgetting to clean up dog poop affect wildlife? 

Dog poop is also a concern in wildlife areas. My dog Kora and I love to go hiking and explore the wild side of our state. We follow the local policy to ensure that her waste does not negatively affect the natural ecosystem. While wild animals eat the local vegetation and then add value to the area by leaving their waste, pet waste does not have the same benefits. Make sure to check your local state ordinances for guidelines to  make sure you’re not in violation. 

It’s always encouraged to be environmentally conscious when you pick up poop, so we can all do our part to become good stewards of our planet.

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