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Demystifying Remote Animal Communication

The ability to communicate effectively with animals at a distance is something that mystifies most people. However, it is not really as unusual as it seems. Many animals communicate in a variety of different ways – though often nonverbally. In remote animal communication, the method of connection is known as high sense perception

What is remote animal communication? How does it work?

Animals are wired to receive information in more ways than humans. That is because they use more of their senses than we do. If you have a pet, they likely know more about you than you do about them. Your pet is constantly receiving information about how you feel, both physically and emotionally, as they are hyperaware of subtle changes in their environment via the energy fields that they perceive. Your tone of voice, even your pitch, can be interpreted by animals. This opens one part of the communication equation – the animal’s side. We too are capable of high sense perception, which opens the second half of the equation and creates the opportunity for a conversation.

How many of us have had experiences where the phone rings and we know who it is, or our instincts about a situation turn out to be true?  These are our high sense perceptions kicking in even though we no longer need them for survival. They can be very valuable and it’s worth the effort to strengthen them.

In my work, I connect remotely with animals through energetic connection.  Communicating with your pet is like tuning into a radio frequency. You dial in to your pet. Your pet senses that you are reaching out to make a connection and, if they feel your motivation is genuine and valuable, they will join you. They are most interested in their relationship with you.  

Animal communication is especially useful when there are challenges physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. Perhaps you are simply looking to create a stronger bond with your pet. With information from the animal’s point of view, resolution can be swift and permanent. Your relationship will grow in ways that you had not imagined. When you understand how things are for them and why, your animals are noticeably relieved and can let go of tension.

Sometimes energetic blocks show up in an animal’s system from physical or emotional trauma that can be released using energy therapy. This type of therapy supports a healthy immune system and creates balance and flow, which are the foundations of wellbeing for your pet. As a Certified Practitioner in Healing Touch for Animals, I am qualified to help animals regain this balance.

Our pets offer us incredible gifts when we take the time to open up and ask. Are you ready to start the conversation?

About the Author

Vivian Kallmann is a professional Animal Communicator and Certified Energy Therapist for Animals.  She has worked in the Kansas City area for more than 15 years helping people and their animals discover health and wellbeing by including the animal’s point of view.  Her skillset allows her to connect with any kind of animal and listen to the things they want their people to know; often with suggestions on how improvements might be made.  Vivian’s passion and life work is to create understanding and joy while deepening our relationships with each other. Because she is trained to work remotely, Vivian has clients across the world.  Vivian is on staff at Taylor Animal Hospital in Parkville, Missouri as their Energy Therapist focusing on surgery and hospital patients. She offers workshops in Animal Communication when time allows.

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