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Cold Laser Therapy from the Comfort of Your Home

Is your pet suffering from pain?  Do you find it difficult to bring them to the vet?  Now, you can reduce their pain in the comfort of your own home with cold laser therapy.

With these small, handheld, cordless devices, you can alleviate your pet’s pain without traditional drugs or unwanted side effects. What’s more – many veterinarians now offer cold laser rentals to their clients for home use.

So, what can you treat with cold laser therapy? 

There are over 300 conditions that can be treated with laser therapy including:

  • Arthritis
  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Hip problems
  • Hot spots
  • Ear infections
  • ACL tears
  • Disc diseases
  • Healing wounds
  • Post-op surgery

Cold laser therapy can reduce inflammation and pain while accelerating the healing of wounds.  Both pets and owners can be treated with this kind of therapy to achieve a pain free life without repeated visits to the doctor’s office.

A brief history of laser therapy

Traditionally, laser therapy was only offered in hospitals because the older machines were not meant for home use.  Now, they have finally developed a convenient handheld device that delivers the power for consistent results, with all the safety that is required for home use.  Unlike cheap knock offs on the internet, these lasers are backed by million of dollars in research to ensure they can be used safely with pets. This technology is both FDA approved as well as approved to be used in the USA.

Additionally, renting or owning one of these lasers can help save you thousands in veterinary bills, transportation costs for driving to the vet, wasted time in traffic, and minimize the chance of your pets getting loose, etc.  Plus you can treat all your pets (including yourself) to relieve all kinds of conditions – without ever having to leave home.  Your veterinarian can help guide you with the protocols for each condition. 

How does cold laser therapy work?

This technology uses the healing power of laser light energy to heal sick or injured cells. This is not some kind of magic or a Harry Potter wand, but rather it is based on science and 50+ years of study in the medical field.  With the correct amount of energy, frequencies, and power, this light energy can transform the sick cell into a healthy cell and bring the entire body back to a healthy state. For more information on this medical technology, please contact the author. 

Dr. Youkey has been renting and selling these lasers from her practice for the last 10 years.  In fact, she pioneered the rental laser industry by offering it long before it became popular to do so.  She saw the stress level go down in both owners and their pets who can now easily receive treatments safely at home.  The use of videos and telemedicine makes it a breeze to learn how to properly use these devices – the same exact lasers have been placed in over 450,000 hospitals in over 30 countries.  If you want to learn more about the many benefits of using these medical devices at home, contact your veterinarian to either rent or purchase this revolutionary device. 

About the Author

Dr. Youkey, DVM DRIC CVA, has over 42 years experience in the pet industry.  She pioneered the laser rental industry over 10+ years ago and is currently a mobile Laser Phototherapist and Laser Acupuncturist.  She sells over 21 Lasers from 8 companies and travels the world teaching other veterinarians how to properly use cold laser therapy.  She herself would be wheelchair bound if it were not for these pain relieving lasers.  She has written several books on Laser Therapy which can be purchased on Amazon, Apple iBooks and Barnes & Noble.  She welcomes your questions and is ready to help you.  She can be reached at [email protected]

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