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When You’ve Tried Everything: Troubleshooting Cat Behavior Problems

Feline Engineering

by Jessica Char, Cat Behavior Expert, Feline Engineering What happens when you’ve reached the bottom of Google’s search results and your cat is still peeing everywhere but in her litter box? Or your cats are still feuding? Where do you go from there? 

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Animal Hydrotherapy and Weight Management

Animal Hydrotherapy

by Leslie Gallagher McMahon,  owner/founder of Two Hands Four Paws The call from Alex’s owner was typical. “My dog is somewhat overweight and needs to have surgery for a torn cruciate ligament, but the vet cannot do it until he loses some weight. Can you help us??”  I replied that of course we could help …

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Pet-icures and Other Paws-itivity from Petmasters

Welcome to the freshly relaunched monthly newsletter from Petmasters, where we’ve decided it’s spring (whether Mother Nature knows it yet or not). Spring! Time to take the dog for longer walks, sit outside with the chickens, and keep the cat from eating the blooms you’ve arranged in a vase on the table. And when you …

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Interview with Animal Communicator Julie Ulrich

Julie Ulrich Animal Communicator

Ever wish your pet could talk to you—in English? Well, there might just be a way to facilitate that. Learn how intuitive connection works in our exclusive interview with Julie Ulrich, animal communicator and Reiki master.

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Why Every Senior Dog Needs an Animal Chiropractor

Advanced Animal Chiropractic

Aging is not easy for anyone, especially our dogs. A dog may get weaker in the back end or find it hard to get up and down; she might stop using stairs or experience discomfort. This can be tough for a pet owner to come to grips with.